Traditional Cyprus hotel in Paphos

Donald Buchanan - biography

I studied photography full time for 2 years in Scotland and worked full time for various Corporations the main one being the British Government under the Department of Trade & Industry for 8 years (Corporate clients have included Amoco, BP, Ford, London Water Authority, National Oilwell, Scottish Homes, to name but a few).
And for the last ten years my own Scottish based company providing photographic services to Architects, Civil Engineering & Construction Companies, and various Advertising & Design Companies.

I have a Fuji S3 Pro Digital camera and a full range of lenses including a very wide angle 12-24 mm lens which is ideal for architectural & property photography. 'Prosumer' cameras cannot rival the capabilities of a professional Digital Camera and it is important you companies image or products are represented professionally to maximum effect.

I also offer a specialist service of Infrared Digital Photography that will be of interest to Architects, Civil Engineering & Construction Companies, and Municipalities . For example heat loss/ roof problems of Public Buildings etc. I can also offer Aerial Photography at rates way below what is currently being offered in Cyprus.

I have also imported a very special 0-360 panoramic optic and its software to enable me to produce 360 degree Virtual Reality Tours for Websites. This will be of great benefit to Estate Agents, Developers, Hotels and the Tourist Industry, to let potential clients see their properties on their websites. 360 degree Virtual Tours are used to great advantage on American Real Estate websites. I am able to offer Video Tours of properties as well.

With more and more people having high speed access to the web you need to keep one step ahead of the competition, statistics from the USA show that Tour enabled website images are visited 20 times more often than single photographic website images and the return rate to those sites is 5 times compared to 1.5 times. The end user will not always find it convenient to visit your facilities prior to making a purchase/booking but with Virtual tours you can give them the opportunity of viewing your facilities at their leisure wherever they live. Cypruspanoramic allow you to incorporate virtual tours with minimum effort and maximum impact.

To see an example of my 360 Virtuality Tour work for a Cyprus client go to where you will see a tour of the property photographed and produced by myself.

Quality of image + photos with imagination

Photos used in a website, brochure or advert make telling first impressions ~ a picture is worth a thousand words, and it follows that poor/unimaginative image quality makes a poor first impression.

My Cyprus photographs, Scottish photographs and Canadian photographs are available as Art Prints, Framed Photographs, Greetings Cards, and Personal Postcards,T-Shirts,Mousemats, etc.

My online portfolios are and

I hope my services here in Cyprus can be of use to you. I am able to offer professional photographic services at very special prices. For example a Virtual Tour of a property here in the Paphos area would be 145 Euros. Still photography would be 112 Euros. 15% discount introductory price for first time clients. I would be pleased to come to your office to show you my Portfolio and discuss any requirements you may have.